Education is key when it comes to raising awareness of our beloved honey bees and pollinators. There are many fun, educational ways to learn about our local Tennessee pollinators and how you can make a difference. Pollinators such as bees and butterflies feed other plants, which in turn, feed our crops, vegetables, fruits, and more. Bees and other pollinators are crucial to humanity.

The infamous Williams Honey Farm Mobile-Bee-Yard Classroom will be featured at the 2020 Tennessee Honey Festival on Saturday, September 26th at ONEC1TY in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Jay Williams of Williams Honey Farm in Franklin, TN, the genius behind this amazing contraption, built this bee-friendly safe experience to help teach others the importance of bees without getting stung. The Tennessee Honey Festival was created to help raise awareness of the importance of the local Tennessee honey bee and other pollinators that are endangered.

Attend educational seminars at the Tennessee Honey Festival and learn all about bees, educating yourself on how to help fight the decline of the honey bee population in Tennessee. Learn tips & tricks on gardening do’s and don’ts, fun honey facts, honey folklore, and more from Tennessee’s top beekeeping, honey and pollinator experts. 

Being knowledgeable about honey-bees and their importance to humanity is important. View our informative, best practices guide on how to ‘bee-friendly’ and also be a part of the solution to raise awareness of the current bee crisis we face in today’s world. So many pest companies and branded pest eliminator products around the world do NOT practice bee-friendly initiatives. Learn what’s expected from a ‘Bee-Certified’ company and how to engage in the bee community in order to support awareness and educational efforts as part of the solution. Set your company apart and raise the standards in your industry.

Support the cause of saving the honey bees by donating. Your donation will go towards more bee hive additions & funding our continuing awareness campaign. The Tennessee Honey Festival has many methods of education and awareness that we provide to our audience, and to the local community, as a part of our initiative to raise awareness for the support of the honey bees & nature’s pollinators. The Tennessee Honey Festival has sponsored hives and would love to help continue the expansion of these hives. Bee a part of the cause. Click Here To Donate Today!