The festival will celebrate the hard work of the Tennessee farmers and beekeepers surrounded by live musical acts, local artisan vendors, local honey vendors, local farming vendors, and even cooking demonstrations. Honey, produce, seeds, grains, plants, and soil will be for sale along with educational opportunities including beekeeping, canning, bread-making, food storage, gardening, and more!


Kids activities at the Tennessee Honey Festival couldn’t BEE any more amazing! The TNHF has the sweet combination of fun and education. Let your little busy bees get creative making bee-themed crafts, bee-come even more bee-utiful with face paintings, buzz around in the mobile bee yard, and more! Kids will also have the opportunity to talk to and learn from kind-hearted apiarists and farmers in the area.


Education is key when it comes to raising awareness about our beloved honey bees, pollinators, and produce. Pollinators, such as bees & butterflies, feed other plants, which in turn, feed the food we eat. Bee-cause farmers and pollinators are so intricately connected, the TNHF is expanding to highlight more farming attractions and discussions on sustainability for festival-goers.

Come learn from expert farmers and apiarists about the vital role we all play in protecting our food and each other. Topics that our educational seminars will be exploring include, but are not limited to: How to Fight the Decline of the Honeybee Population in Tennessee, Gardening Do’s and Don’t’s, Debunking Bee Myths, Honey Folklore, and more from Tennessee’s top beekeeping, honey, and agricultural experts. Whether you are curious about how such small creature can have a monumental impact, or just want to know how your tomato plants can have a higher yield—this festival is for you!

Come with your questions and we will dig for deeper understanding together!


The infamous Williams Honey Farm Mobile-Bee-Yard Classroom will also be featured at the 2022 Tennessee Honey Festival. Jay Williams of Williams Honey Farm in Franklin, TN, the genius behind this amazing contraption, built this bee-friendly experience to help teach others the importance of bees without getting stung. 

Being knowledgeable about honey bees and their importance to the community is vital. View our informative, best practices guide on how to ‘bee-friendly’ and be a part of the solution to the current bee crisis we face in today’s world. So many pest companies and branded pest eliminator products around the world do NOT practice bee-friendly initiatives. Learn what’s expected from a ‘Bee-Certified’ company and how to engage in the bee community.