The Tennessee Honey Festival is more than just tasting a few sweet treats. It’s about coming together as a community and meeting new people—like your local farmer and your local apiarist—to see how we can better connect and support one another.  

The TNHF was founded in 2017 by U.S. Pest Protection President & CEO, Erica Brister. In 2018, the TNHF had its inaugural festival which garnered attention all across America with its unique flare of bringing together honey lovers and beekeepers.  

Erica’s vision of protecting Tennessee honey bees and pollinators, while providing families and their homes a service of protection against harmful pests, is what changed the industry and brought the TNHF to life. U.S. Pest Protection is the leader in pest control and is the first and only bee-friendly pest control company in the world, based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Her vision and innovation quickly caught attention of other companies in the industry after implementing these standards. “We believe the highest standards didn’t exist in the pest control industry, so we created them,” said Brister. 

Today, the TNHF is an annual event created to celebrate local honey and to bring the community together through honey, produce, art, music, education, and inspiration. Every year there over 10,000 event attendees and 100+ vendors, including honey-themed products and local honey from acclaimed honey artisans, renowned honey inspired food & beverage merchants, live music & headlining entertainment acts, interactive bee-keeping classes & exhibits, such as Williams Honey Farm‘s Mobile Interactive Bee-Yard, arts & craft bee-hive painting, and much more!  

We have expanded our festival, that way you and your family can fully experience all the sweet things we have in store – farmers, seeds, soil + BEES. Expect to find a united, deep-rooted community of beekeepers AND farmers. We are excited to expand our festival by offering abundant local produce, information on popular CSAs, education on how to grow nutrient-rich food, and more! Come meet your farmer and your beekeeper—they’d love to shake your hand!