SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2020 (10AM - 5PM) | ONEC1TY | Downtown Nashville

Experience the sweet taste of beekeeping at the Tennessee Honey Festival. Bring your family and friends for an educational, fun-filled festival to learn about the importance of bees and other pollinators in Middle Tennessee! Come to the 2020 Tennessee Honey Festival on Saturday, September 26th, at our new home for the festival, located at ONEC1TY in Downtown Nashville, Tennessee. 

The inaugural Tennessee Honey Festival in 2018, founded by U.S. Pest Protection, garnered attention all across America with it’s unique flare of bringing together honey lovers and beekeepers. The festival was a huge success with 10,000+ attendees the first year and over 100 vendors. Attendees of the festival learned about bee-keeping, the shortage of honey-bees and actions to help, beehive painting, honey samples, honey popsicles, honey-themed body products and more. While it was a free event, donations were accepted to help raise awareness of ensuring bee health.

This public awareness campaign will continue to bring the honey bee crisis to the forefront of community minds with honey vendors, food trucks, live music, arts & crafts, the Williams Honey Farm Mobile Bee-Yard interactive beekeeping classroom exhibit, and an exclusive *VIBee Honey Dinner (Details coming soon).

U.S. Pest Protection is the leader in pest control in Tennessee. U.S. Pest founded the Tennessee Honey Festival because they believe the highest standards didn’t exist in the pest control industry, so they created the standard.

Learn how to "BEE" a part of the solution!

Bee-ing knowledgeable about honey-bees and their importance to humanity is important. That's why we have included an informative, best practices guide on how to "bee-friendly" and also be a part of the solution to raise awareness of the current bee crisis. So many pest companies and branded pest eliminator products around the world do NOT practice bee-friendly initiatives. That's why we have teamed up with U.S. Pest Protection, Tennessee's #1 Pest Protection Company that is certified "Bee-Friendly". U.S. Pest Protection goes above & beyond to protect what matters most. They believe that the highest standards didn't exist in their industry.. so they created them! Below is a clickable link where you can learn the benefits of a "Bee Certification" and why bees are so important, including other pollinators. Learn what's expected from a "Bee-Certified" company and how to engage in the bee community to support awareness and educational efforts, in order to bee a part of the solution! The “Bee Certification” will set your company apart and raise the standards in your industry.

Click Below To View & Download Our Bee-Friendly Best Practices Guide (PDF)