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Honey Vendors at the TN Honey Festival

Honey vendors are a huge part of the Tennessee Honey festival. Every year they are invited to attend for free, giving them the opportunity to sell their locally sourced honey to thousands of festival-goers. With the help of local honey vendors, it helps provide an amazing experience for everyone who attends the festival. In the process, educating the public about the importance of honeybees and how they play a vital role in our lives. So, let’s learn a little more about some of the honey vendors who will be attending this year’s festival.   

Honey Vendors

Williams Honey Farm   

  • Jay Williams, the owner of Williams Honey Farm, is a leading advocate when it comes to saving honeybees. He wants to share with the public the importance that they have and their recent decline due to colony collapse disorder. One of the ways he educates the public is by providing a variety of beekeeping classes. Thus, allowing individuals who want to learn more about honeybees the opportunity for hands-on experience. Besides the classes, he also sells starter beehives for entry-level beekeepers to keep bees on their property. During this year’s festival, Williams Honey will be included in the signature cocktails poured in the VIBee Experience. Providing a sweet and delicious flavor to a perfectly mixed drink.  

Just B’s  

  • The winner of the 2019 Honey judging contest, Just B’s, will once again be a vendor at the festival. Besides their award-winning honey, they will also be bringing their homemade bread. This is not just your normal store-bought bread; their bread is made with honey from their very own honeybees. Owners Brandon and Bailie Hardin are avid beekeepers and practice sustainability when beekeeping. They don’t use any chemicals or purchase queens, instead, they raise their hives primarily from local swarm catches or hive removals. Therefore, helping to repopulate wild honeybees.   

Once Upon A Willow Tree  

  • A small but unique honey vendor, Once Upon A Willow Tree offers a variety of products. Such as Local honey, cut comb honey, bee pollen, herbal infused honey, and hand-dipped beeswax taper candles. From so much to choose from, there is something for everyone. Every product is handmade from their very own bees.   

Tennessee Artisan Honey   

  • A usual at the Nashville Farmers Market, Tennessee Artisan Honey will be joining this year’s honey vendor list. Selling fresh cream honey and pollen, they are one to not miss. When they are not attending the TN Honey Festival, they can be found in Del Rio, TN. a small town east of Knoxville, they are quite the drive. Even though they may be far away from Nashville, their honey is most certainly worth the drive.   

Daddy D’s Honey   

  • Established in 2018, Daddy D’s honey is a new addition to the amazing honey vendors in Nashville. Originally pursuing beekeeping as a hobby, Sarah, the owner of Daddy D’s, decided to turn it into a full-time business venture. Since then, she has not looked back and is excited to join the vendor lineup during this year’s festival. Some of the products she sells include classic honey and comb honey. To get yourself some Daddy D’s today visit their website at

Table of Honey Vendors

Honey Vendors

Honey Vendors and the TN Honey Festival

The Tennessee Honey festival is proud to have so many wonderful honeybee vendors at this year’s festival. Supporting these vendors is what helps keep local honey on the map and educating the public about the importance of honeybees. The festival takes place on Sunday, October 3rd at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Downtown Nashville. The festival opens at 10 am and goes on until 5 pm. For more information on the TN Honey Festival visit   

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