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Who Will Be Speaking At The Educational Tent at The Tennessee Honey Festival?

 Who Will Be Speaking At The Educational Tent – Continuing in the tradition, the education tent will yet again be a part of the Tennessee Honey Festival. Thus, allowing festival goers the opportunity to sit down and learn all about the history and importance of the honeybees. Just like in years past, we will have some influential guest speakers. Thus, helping to shed light on the importance of honeybees and how important a role they play in our society. The speakers will begin at 10am in the educational tent and end at 5pm. Furthermore, who will all be speaking at this year’s festival?  

Shannon Trimboli

Morning Speakers

10:00 am – Shannon Trimboli – a well-known author and habitat consultant, will be the first speaker at this year’s festival. She will be covering the different plants in Tennessee that help attract pollinators. As well as the native plants that can be planted near your home. 

11:00 am – Stewart Ledford – The former president of the Tennessee Valley Beekeepers Association will be presenting “how to get started in beekeeping.” An introductory course of the rules and responsibilities that come with keeping bees.  

Afternoon Speakers

12:00 pm – Jay Heselschwert – The leading state bee inspector for TN, will be presenting upon “how to read a hive.” Sharing information on how to tell if your beehive is healthy or not and what some of the causes are of an unhealthy beehive.  

1:00pm – Jeremy French – A wildlife biologist for Middle Tennessee Grassland Initiative, will be presenting the importance of grasslands and how they impact pollinators. An important topic due to the decline of the honeybee population’s. 

Jeremy French

2:00 pm – Mike Studer – A Tennessee State Apiarist, will be explaining the various rules and regulations that come with owning bees. Explaining how depending where you live, they may have different rules on keeping bees.  

3:00 pm – Mara Papatheodou – A world renowned food expert will be speaking at. this year’s festival. Her topic will be “Honey folklore, fun facts on honey, and honey cuisine. Sharing some of here homemade honey cuisine recipes for attendees to try at home.

3:30 pm – Dru Sousan – Of Honeytree Meadery will be speaking on “What is Mead?” Providing professional information on a beverage that he hand makes for a living.  

Dru Sousan

4:00 pm – Howard Kerr – President of the Tennessee Beekeepers Association will be wrapping up this amazing speaker list, presenting upon “The Bee Crisis.” The honeybee population has been on the decline for quite some time now and he will be explaining why that is. 

More information on the TN Honey Festival

The 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival is proud to have so many distinguished speakers at this years festival. The goal is to help educate the public about the importance of honeybees and how they can help. For more information on the 2021 TN Honey Festival or who is speaking at the education tent please visit  

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