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The Nashville Farmers Market will be apart of the TN Honey Festival

This year’s festival is special in many ways, for one, the new location is exciting and brings along many new attractions. One of these new attractions includes the Nashville Farmers Market. Due to its location to the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park, it will provide premier access in & out of the TN Honey Festival, attendees will have the opportunity to shop markets, Gardens of Babylon, & more! Plus, first come, first serve free on-site parking available. The TN Honey Festival is proud to partner with the Nashville Farmers Market, a staple of what Nashville is and continues to be.  

The history of the Nashville Farmers Market  

They have been in the city of Nashville for more than 200 years. Helping to provide a marketplace for vendors to sell their crops and any other goods that may be for sale. Today they continue to be a primary source of locally produced goods for Nashville city residents and visitors alike. The market offers year-round retail space to farmers, artisans, nonprofits, local restaurants and bars, and small businesses. Over the years their main building has continued to grow and today includes a food hall, two covered open-air sheds, a container farm, a greenhouse, a garden center, and a culinary incubation center.  

There are three main portions of the Nashville Farmers Market, they include the indoor dining area, the outdoor farm shed, and the Gardens of Babylon.   

The indoor dining area includes over 20 local restaurants and businesses offering global cuisine, craft beer, local wine, gifts, art, and an international grocer. It provides comfortable, searing options allowing families to sit together and have a meal.  

The outdoor farm shed is where dozens of vendors sell their homemade products. These products range from fruits and vegetables to clothing and toiletries. With so many options to choose from, there is something for everyone.   

The Garden of Babylon is a premium garden center that spans more than 18,000 square feet. It provides unique indoor and outdoor plant offerings, that span several different species of plants. Everything from succulents to small shrubbery is available for purchase at the garden. For more information on the Nashville Farmers Market, visit:   

The partnership between the Nashville Farmers Market and the TN Honey Festival  

The TN Honey Festival is so proud to have the Nashville Farmer Market on board for the festival. Bringing people together for the overall environmental stability of the earth is what the TN Honey Festival is all about. Therefore, helping to save the honeybees and educate festival-goers in the process. Lastly, for more information on the 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival please visit   

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