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Honey Tree Meadery at the TN Honey Festival

Honey Tree Meadery at the TN Honey Festival – The Tennessee Honey Festival is proud to have the Honey Tree Meadery as one of their premier beverage vendors. They are the premier apiary and meadery in Nashville, Tennessee. They provide a one-of-a-kind experience at their location and will share this experience with all the festival-goers this year. As the city of Nashville continues to grow at such a rapid pace, so does the culture and the people. Honey Tree Meadery is a prime example of the shift in Nashville’s Diverse culture.   

The History of Honey Tree Meadery   

Ross Welbon, the owner, and founder of Honey Tree Meadery got his start in Nashville. He began his brewing career with little Harpeth Brewing. Once there, he created several contacts along the way within Nashville’s brewing and restaurant industry. In addition, the experience and contacts that he had acquired from Little Harpeth Brewing, motivated him to start his own business. Thus allowing him to do both of the things he loves, Brewing mead and being an amazing beekeeper.   

Not soon after, a longtime friend of Ross Welbon, Dru Soason, joined the Honey Tree Meadery team. Dru is passionate about sustainable farming, coming from years of experience on his family farm he wanted to bring those same skills to Ross’s business. Together the duo makes quite the team and what they do inside the Honey Tree Meadery lab is what helps them stand out amongst the crowd.   

How do they stand out from the crowd?

Creating a sustainable and ecologically friendly business is no easy task. However, this is the very goal that the folks at Honey Tree Meadery have in store. They are deeply passionate about keeping the earth clean and keeping a careful eye on their carbon footprint. They do this by producing quality meads through environmentally sustainable processes. Furthermore, educating their patrons about their sustainable practices is also part of the one-of-a-kind experience. Customers can learn firsthand about all of the hard work and benefits that go into creating a high-class mead.   

Honey Tree Meadery at the Tennessee Honey Festival 

Just like the folks at the TN Honey Festival, they are focused and driven on helping save the honeybees. Their business is established through sustainable practices, and they genuinely want to make a difference. The TN Honey Festival is so proud to call them a vendor at this year’s event and cannot wait to see what all they have in store. For more information on the 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival please visit   

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