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Pickers Vodka at the TN Honey Festival

The 2021 Tennessee Honey festival is proud to have Pickers Vodka as one of their premier drink vendors. Pickers Vodka is a special kind of vodka due to how it is created. Pickers Vodka is created in a column still, thus allowing the vodka to be a higher concentration of alcohol and produces a smooth taste for the consumer. During this year’s festival Pickers Vodka can be found being poured in the VIBee Experience. This limited access experience provides festival-goers the opportunity to try all of the signature cocktails of the festival.   

The history of Pickers Vodka

Pennington Distillery co, the makers of Pickers vodka, have been open for a decade. Within that time, they have released several brands, premiering a variety of drinks. These brands include Waltons Finest Vodka, Whisper Creek Sipping Cream, Davidson Reserve, and Pickers Vodka. These different drinks provide a little something for everyone and come in a variety of flavors. 

What makes Pickers Vodka stand out from the crowd?

Picker’s vodka is created from non-GMO corn and has three unique flavors. These flavors include Blueberry, blood orange, and pineapple. As mentioned before, Pickers Vodka prides itself on using the column still. Their column still is one of only four like it in the country – and the only one in Tennessee. Once the vodka is distilled to perfection it is then filtered four times before it is blended with premium Tennessee limestone water. Lastly, they are also gluten-free, allowing consumers who have a gluten allergy to still enjoy their product.   

Pickers Vodka also has a couple of other product offerings, they include Pickers Crafted Cocktails and Pickers unplugged Vodka Soda. Both of these products are sold in cans and are perfect for enjoying live music or sipping them in your backyard.   

“The Believer” A drink that will include Pickers Vodka at this years festival.

The TN Honey Festival is proud to have them

The Tennessee Honey Festival is proud to have such an established brand as Pickers Vodka to be joining this year’s festival. Picker’s vodka can be found across the United States and can be enjoyed in a lot of ways. Come join everyone on Sunday, October 3rd, 2021, at the Tennessee Honey Festival. Once there reserve your spot at the VIBee Experience so you can have the chance to try all of the signature cocktails being offered at the festival. Pickers Vodka will be included as a mixer in some of the cocktails, creating a one-of-a-kind experience in the process.   

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