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Will Maypop be at the 2021 TN Honey Festival?

Maypop at the Tennessee honey festival – The 2021 Tennessee Honey festival is proud to have Maypop as one of our premier drink vendors. Maypop is a sparkling water company that produces a variety of delicious sparkling water flavors. Thes flavors include Grapefruit Orange, Lemon, Tangerine, and Lime. With so many flavors to choose from there is something for everyone. Maypop originates right here in Tennessee and has been producing small batches of sparkling water since 2019.  

The history of Maypop Sparkling water 

Matt and Clara Herrick created Maypop Sparkling water in 2019 with the goal of creating an excellent nonalcoholic drink. In 2012 Matt opened his own craft beer growler shop. This was his first step into Nashville’s craft beer industry. As the couple got more involved in the industry, they found a niche of people who wanted a delicious drink that was nonalcoholic. The couple shared the same belief and maypop sparkling water was born.

What helps Maypop stand out from the crowd?  

Maypop is different than your usual sparkling water companies. Their primary goal is to create a beverage that is ethically sourced and sustainable. Matt and Clara are both avid hikers and outdoors enthusiasts. Nature is a big part of their life, and they want to shed light on the importance nature has on our lives. By creating a sustainable beverage, they are helping to keep the earth clean and share a tasty beverage in the process.  

Where can I find Maypop at the festival? 

Cold refreshing Maypop can be found at the Maypop tent at the 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival. They will be selling a variety of sparkling water flavors, so do not be shy and try them all. They can also be found with the VIBee Experience, where they will be included in the making of the signature cocktails and mocktails. These delicious handmade drinks will be mixed by none other than the Barbee’s. One of the up-and-coming mixologist duos here in Nashville.  

Supporting small business and the protection of honeybees is the primary theme of the Tennessee Honey Festival. Many of the vendors that are attending the festival are small honeybee farms and local food truck operators within the state of Tennessee and the surrounding states. The festival is proud to be a platform for these businesses to thrive and would want it no other way.  

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