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Jim Beam Honey Will Be At The Tennessee Honey Festival

The 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival will be the largest one yet. With an unprecedented 50,000 visitors estimated to be coming, the festival is receiving a lot of buzz. Thanks to all the buzz, Jim Beam Honey has joined the amazing lineup of vendors that will be attending this year’s festival. Jim Beam will be providing some of the liquor that will be poured inside the VIBee Experience. Their signature bourbon is world renowned and has many people excited for the festival.  

History of Jim Beam

The Jim Beam Company is one that is over 200 years old and spans seven generations of the Beam family. The first barrel of corn whiskey ever sold was all the way back in 1795, less than 20 years after the declaration of Independence was signed. Since then, they have continued to grow and become one of the world’s favorite bourbon brands.  

Over the years they have continued to add different variations to their bourbon such as apple, peach, orange, Kentucky fire, and honey. These variations provide consumers with a new taste of something exciting and different from the traditional and classic Jim Beam bourbon taste.  

Jim Beam and their fight to help save the honeybees 

In 2013 Jim Beam created a unique PR campaign helping to shine light on the disappearance of honeybees. They took notice that the populations of honeybees here in America are drastically going down and they wanted to do something about it. Therefore, they hired Jackie Chiles, the hilarious lawyer on the show Seinfeld, to make a case against the bears. The title of the campaign was “Sue the Bears”. It was a unique and funny way to shed light and bring attention to a serious problem.  

Shared interest between Jim Beam and TN Honey Festival.  

We are so happy to have Jim Beam as one of the vendors at the 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival. Their shared interest in helping to save the honeybees is amazing and we are proud to have them. The honeybee population will not increase with the help of one, however the help of many. The more people that are helping spread awareness of the honeybee population problem, the more resources will be available to help increase the population.  

We cannot wait to see you all there at this year’s Tennessee Honey Festival. It will be an amazing experience and one that will leave you with plenty of memories for years to come. For ticket information to the festival visit tennesseehoneyfestivalcom.  

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