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Heineken at the 2021 TN Honey Festival

Heineken will be at the TN Honey Festival – According to Business Insider, Heineken is the 10th most grabbed beer for Americans. Accounting for 2 percent of the beer drunk in America, this adds up to quite a few bottles. The majority of Heinekens are sold in Europe, nearly doubling the sales of Heinekens sold here in the United States. Putting numbers aside, Heineken is still a world-renowned name known for their green bottles and their iconic red star. The 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival is proud to have Heineken as one of the premier drink sponsors for the festival.  

Where can I find them at the festival? 

Heineken can be found at the Comb & Hive tent during the festival. Comb & Hive is one of their new brands that they are pushing out here in America. They are still in the testing stages of the drink, they are using Denver and Nashville as their test cities. Outside of the festival Comb & Hive can be found in 4 packs at your local grocery or convenience stores.  

What Is Comb & Hive? 

This brand-new alcoholic drink is a canned sparkling wine that is aimed at millennials. Comb & Hive is a crisp wine made with wildflower honey and real sugar fermented with orange blossom flower and a hint of fizz. The Comb and Hive brand focuses primarily on adults 21 and up who drink wine, hard seltzer and cocktails, looking for a new wine to enjoy in social occasions. There is currently nothing like this product on the market and the Tennessee Honey Festival is proud to have it.  

All of the other fun activities at the TN Honey Festival 

Besides all of the alcoholic drinks that will be served at this year’s festival there is also a large array of family activities. These activities include Face Painting, Painting beehives, and interactive beeping classes. These activities are all family friendly and are a lot of fun. In addition, some of these activities may be an additional cost, depending on the activity.  

More Information on the TN Honey Festival  

This year’s festival will be a lot of fun, from live music to incredible food, there is so much to do. To learn more about this fantastic festival or to get your tickets today, visit  

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