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The Barbees (The Bartending Experience Like Never Before)

The Barbees are a new up in coming bartending experience here in Nashville. Beginning in 2018 this business has grown exponentially. They provide a slew of services and bring the good time wherever they go. Jess and Willow, the two main women who began Barbees, created the company based off of a unique experience they had together. “Jess and I started BarBees after attending bartending school on a whim. We honestly just thought it would be a funny thing to say we did to break up the monotony of university. We’ve now been shaped by two years of growth, fun, hilarious screw-ups, not-so-hilarious screw-ups, friendship, and weird ideas that sometimes work.” (The Barbees Blog “celebrating 2 years”)

What are all the services they provide?  

To begin, the Barbees are excellent bartenders, they provide their bartending services at several different events. Such as weddings, parties, and even the Tennessee Honey Festival. They provide signature cocktails for their events, creating a one-of-a-kind experience. At these events they also provide basic cocktail service, including beer and wine. When these two fantastic bartenders aren’t providing their beverage services they are providing online and in person classes for individuals who want to step up their drink servicing skills.  

Barbees teach cocktail classes 

They began teaching cocktail classes as a way to help people create better relationships. Whether that’s with their family, significant other or even coworkers. These classes help teach people the basics of making a great drink. The lessons include learning how to make two signature cocktails. Students of these classes must be 21 and over and must provide the alcohol for the classes, the Barbees provide the rest. They come prepared with the instructions for each drink and the corresponding ingredients.  

When they aren’t teaching a class or bartending a special event, they provide free drink recipes on their website. These recipes vary from spicy and sweet to something that provides a little more of a kick and a sting. To learn more about all of these delicious recipes visit,  

The Barbees will be at the Tennessee Honey Festival !

During this year’s festival the Barbees will be located in the VIBee area. This area will be located right by the amphitheater, allowing patrons to have a nice refreshing drink while watching live music. The Vibee access provides festival goers the chance to try all of the honey infused signature drinks offered during the festival. Unfortunately, these signature drinks are offered nowhere else in the festival besides the VIBee area. Furthermore, these signature drinks provide a unique and delicious flavor that will help keep you humming along to all the great music. The Vibee Experience is one that will be $50 and provides a premiere experience of the festival.  

For more information on the 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival, visit  

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