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How does the Tennessee Honey Festival Save Bees?

How does the Tennessee Honey Festival save Bees – The Tennessee Honey Festival was founded in 2017 by Erica Brister, CEO of U.S. Pest Protection. She has been a beacon of collaboration between the Beekeeping Industry and the Pest Control Industry. After several years of education, cooperation and outreach, the Tennessee Honey Festival has continued to see growth. In the process, inspiring the future of conservation through a unique platform and standard of education.  

This year marks the 4th annual Tennessee Honey Festival. As the festival has grown so has the outreach and support for honeybees. While festivities continue to advance, a critical mission remains at the heart of every Tennessee Honey Festival: How do we protect the honeybees? 

Tennessee Honey Festival Mission (Save Bees)

While all pollinators play a keen part in keeping our ecosystem healthy and reproductive, honeybees hold a position special to the pollinators. Honeybees are responsible for roughly 80% of the pollination for all flowering plants. This is important, since it is estimated that every 3 of 4 bites of food we take can be attributed to the hard work of the Honeybee.  

Since the start of the 21st Century pollinator populations have declined across the board. Honeybees especially are seeing consistent declines year after year. These numbers are a little surprising due to the fact that they are responsible for the majority of our food production on the planet. There are a variety of reasons why the pollinator populations are declining, but one of the most consistent has been the wide usage of pesticides in both agriculture and residential use.  

If Pesticides are the problem, why is this backed by a Pest Control Company? 

One of the reasons U.S. Pest Protection sponsors the Tennessee Honey Festival is to promote the collaborative effort necessary in the Pest Control Industry. U.S. Pest Protection has a storied past in forward thinking applications of Pest Control throughout middle Tennessee. Early in the 2000’s, U.S. Pest Protection was an industry leader in a “Green Pest Control” option, a strong alternative to the common chemicals used in Pest Control.  

Upon the creation of the Tennessee Honey Festival, Erica met with Jay Williams, the owner and operator of Williams Honey Farms in Franklin, TN. Jay, an experienced Beekeeper, hosted a class attended by Erica. Through their collaboration, educating the public to the importance of the Honeybee became a unified effort of outreach. Now, backed by both the Pest Control and Beekeeping Industry, the Tennessee Honey Festival brings education from both industries to festival goers from across all walks of life.  

The Tennessee Honey Festival has something for everyone. From a Pollinator Themed Spelling Bee to Live Music. the Tennessee Honey Festival continues to provide unique learning experiences to help promote conservation of our key pollinators. 

Come check out this year’s Tennessee Honey Festival Sunday October 3, 2021. The festival will be taking place at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park in Nashville Tennessee. Purchase your tickets at today! 

To learn more about how to save the bees follow our facebook page at Tennessee Honey Festival.

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