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How can I help the Honey Bees and other Pollinators?

Pollinators are key for the survival of all land species on the planet. It is estimated that one in every 4 bites of food that humans eat are directly the result of the pollination efforts of Honeybees, which are one of thousands of pollinating insects and animals. With such an important part of our food cycle, the alarming decline of pollinators is an issue that impacts the entire planet.

The Impact Pollinators Have

One of the biggest impacts we can have in the decline of pollinators is information. Many people have heard about declining bee populations, or colony collapse disorder, but many other factors contribute to the widespread decline of various species. One of the worst is the unregulated use of pesticide. Pollinators play a key role in the pollination process. They visit a plant or flower and pick up pollen from the anther. They then transfer that pollen to another plant’s stamen. This in turn, fertilizes the plant and produces seeds. While they are not the only way a plant can be fertilized, they are the most effective way to transfer the pollen from one place to the next.

When crops or plants that are frequently visited by pollinators are sprayed with pesticides it can be dangerous to them. These Pesticides can be incredibly dangerous for pollinators when not professionally or safely applied.  

Another way to help bees and pollinators is to be mindful of the produce we purchase. Purchasing organic produce supports the ethical growth of food. Additionally, supporting local beekeepers is a great way to further the conservation of honeybees. When we buy local, we are supporting the ethical farming of honey, and keeping bees fed in a healthy, sustainable way. Not only does this keep local beekeepers protecting honeybees, it gives consumers a chance to see just how amazing an impact honeybees can have on our local area. 

How Can We Help Them?

Information is one of our biggest allies in the fight to protect honeybees and other pollinators. It is through collaboration and conservation that we can make an impact on the protection of pollinators. Understanding the dangers and risks of excessive pesticides will help decrease the use. Limiting the destruction of environments and the safe removal of honeybee colonies will help their populations grow. As a society we can control the trajectory of declining pollinators and help them grow in number. One such learning event coming up in Nashville, TN is the Tennessee Honey Festival. This festival celebrates the hard work and key role honeybees have in our everyday lives, and imparts how critical it is to save the species. With fun learning activities, exciting speakers and immersive education, the Tennessee Honey Festival reaches thousands of activists every year.  

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