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Benefits of Local Raw Honey

Benefits of local raw honey- The Tennessee Honey Festival has had one mission above all else from its conception: To support the conservation and education of Honeybees. This remains true to this day, and over the years, the Tennessee Honey Festival has brought together supporters and fans from all walks of life. One of the biggest benefits of the festival is the exposure of honeybees. Not only are these pollinating powerhouses active in the reproduction of flowers, but they are responsible for 3 out of every 4 bites of food we consume daily. The conservation of these amazing creatures is made possible by local beekeepers, and there are so many ways we can support them.  

The Relationship Between The Consumer And The Honey Farmer

Using raw, local honey is one of the best things we can do as avid supporters of Honeybee conservation. Commercial honey farms are key in agriculture. They create a symbiotic experience for both farmers and beekeepers. Commercial beekeeping is tremendously useful in the pollination process for farmers. Utilizing honeybees to pollinate crops not only increases the yield for farmers, but it’s a great source for feeding hives. This is great for keeping hives healthy and happy. However, it also gives beekeepers the means to continue the great work they do. Local farmers even benefit by ensuring the best yield of crops and providing consumers with the best produce, sourced locally. The consistent feeding of hives allows local beekeepers to also provide us with honey.  

Local beekeepers can also manage the stress they put on their hives. Industrial beekeepers keep their hives in motion, pollinating farms on a very consistent basis. While this is convenient with continuous honey production, and allows us to always have honey on hand, it can be detrimental on bees. Industrial honey farming forces bees to be moved long distances and temporarily released to pollinate a single crop. This is unnatural for bees and can be very taxing on a hive. Local beekeepers not only let their hives forage for pollen, but their transportation is reduced, decreasing pollution and stress on their colonies. 

The Environmental Effects of Buying Local Raw Honey

Local raw honey is a great way to boost your health as well. Industrial honey treats and filters the honey using a very high level of heat. This is great for ensuring good, clean honey in your supermarket, but it removes a lot of the benefits of raw honey. Raw honey has been used throughout history for its many health benefits. Using honey in your tea to soothe an upset stomach is widespread knowledge, but there are many other benefits.

Honey is one of the best antimicrobial properties. Many types of bacteria cannot survive in honey, meaning more than just a long shelf life. By eating honey when you have a cold, you can actually reduce the length of your time sick. It’s a great anti-inflammatory for stomach bugs, and has even been used to treat external wounds by reducing swelling and performing as an antiseptic. Because of the pollen, honey can be a great way to boost your immune system against seasonal allergens too! 

Local raw honey is not only good for you, the consumer, but also your community, and the preservation of Honeybees. This is part of the education and information the Tennessee Honey Festival aims to provide year after year. Interested in learning more? Come to the Tennessee Honey Festival on October 3, 2021 at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park and experience the majesty of our favorite pollinators yourself. Who knows, you might go home with some of the best honey you’ve ever had! 

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