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2021 Spelling Bee – Tennessee Honey Festival

2021 Spelling Bee Tennessee Honey Festival – This year the Tennessee Honey Festival is excited to announce our first ever Pollinator Themed Spelling Bee, sponsored by Cardinal Academy! A morning event for the festival, we welcome all children between ages 5 and 13 to participate. The event will be fun and educational competition surrounding Honeybees and Pollinators. The words range from the anatomy of bees and flowers to industry practices and ecological preservation. The diversity of terms is a fun and educational way to learn about honeybees. The spelling bee is also a great learning opportunity for any elementary or middle schooler in your home! 

How To Register For The Spelling Bee

Guests of the festival can register in advance for the Honey Themed Spelling Bee. From there, participants are separated into two groups, one for elementary school, one for middle school. These competitions vary in difficulty, with an emphasis on words relating to pollinators. Thanks to the hard work of Cardinal Academy, we have created a unique and diverse set of words for both Elementary and Middle Schoolers. These words are sure to be a challenge, but are all centered around teaching students various responsibilities. These include the anatomy and behavior of pollinators. Through independent study to prepare for the competition, your student can learn the fascinating world of pollination. In turn, will lead to further excitement for this years festival.

The spelling bee will consist of two groups of students, ages 5-10, and 11-13. Starting August 2, 2021 we will begin confirming competitors for the spelling bee. Come the morning of the festival, special lanyards and passes will guarantee entry to the festival. These lanyards confirm a spot competing in our first ever honey festival spelling bee.  

The Benefits To The Event

The Tennessee Honey Festival spelling bee is one part of many educational opportunities at the festival. By far it is definitely the most immersive of our educational activities. As a participant of the spelling bee, each competitor receives a family four pack of tickets, valued at $30 for the Tennessee Honey Festival. This early morning activity is a great example of the variety of educational and festival activities within this years festival.   

Registration has been open since the start of the summer, and we are filling up fast! They can register on the Cardinal Academy website before the event starting 8:00AM, October 3, 2021. A sample word list can be found on the Cardinal Academy Website for all prospective competitors. This sample word list contains several root words associated with the competition.  

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