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2021 Honey Judging Contest – Tennessee Honey Festival

2021 Tennessee Honey Festival Honey Judging Contest – At the 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival we are proud to announce we are bringing back the honey judging contest. This contest invites local honey farmers to put their honey to the test against other honey farmers. The goal of this contest is to help spread awareness for the honeybees and to see which honey farmer has the best honey. 

The rules are simple. The honey farmers need to provide one jar of unadulterated Tennessee honey (minimum of 12 ounces). The jar of honey that the contestant would like to submit for the competition has to be turned in by themselves. They cannot have another individual turn it in for them. Furthermore, The honey must be in a clear plastic container with no identification label.  

Where Is The Drop Off Area For The Honey Judging Contest? 

The honey that the contestant would like to enter into the contest should be dropped off to the honey judging tent. These entries need to be turned in by 9am on Sunday, October 3rd. These submissions can either be turned in on the day of the event or mailed in person by September 30th. If you are mailing the entry in, please mail it to Tennessee Honey Festival 49 Industrial Park Drive Hendersonville, TN 37075.  

How Will The Honey Be Graded?

The honey will be graded on a variety of factors. These include: the appearance of the honey, the clarity, the aroma, and lastly the taste.  

The contestant with the highest score from all categories combined will be awarded the Official Honey Winner at the festival.

The 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival will be taking place on Sunday, October 3rd, in Nashville, TN, at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. The festival will have live music, amazing food, and fantastic activities. The festival will also have educational beekeeping classes. These classes teach visitors the importance fo honeybees and how to start their own honeybee colonies at home. Furthermore, Tickets start at ten dollars for adults and 5 dollars for children. Children under 5 have free admission into the festival. Make sure to secure your spot today, at this year’s Tennessee Honey Festival.  

Lastly, for any questions in regards to submitting your honey into this years festival please visit

Lastly, there are a variety of activities taking place during this years festival. To learn more about them visit our Facebook page at Tennessee Honey Festival.

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