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Who Created The Tennessee Honey Festival

Who Created The Tennessee Honey Festival – Founder & Creator of the Tennessee Honey Festival, Erica Brister, was inspired as President & CEO of Tennessee’s largest, private pest control provider, U.S. Pest Protection.

Erica was determined to change the pest control industry with putting the focus on encouraging other companies in the industry to become part of the bee-friendly initiative that Erica created – later, U.S. Pest Protection becoming the first bee-friendly pest control company in the world.

Who Created The Tennessee Honey Festival - Erica Brister

The History of Who Founded The Tennessee Honey Festival?

In 2017, Williams Honey Farm hosted an interactive workshop and information session for members of the middle Tennessee community who were interested in learning more about beekeeping. 

Erica Brister, President and CEO of U.S. Pest Protection was in attendance and connected with the great work of Williams Honey Farm.

Erica, a long-time trailblazer of safe and ethical pest control methods, and a passion for protecting what matters most, was instantly on board to bring to light the declining population of honeybees.

She quickly got to work with Jay Williams – owner & operator of Willams Honey Farm, to find out how to bring the information to the public in a creative and memorable way. The Tennessee Honey Festival was born from this collaboration.

Influence of the Pest Control Industry to Change

Erica has a long history in the Pest Control Industry, as her father was the founder of U.S. Pest Protection, and she grew up around the industry.

After receiving her Master’s Degree and returning home, she took over the company and was determined to find a way to bring a forward thinking perspective to the Pest Control Industry.

Early in the 2000’s, she brought Green Pest Control to the scene, offering organic alternatives to common pest control methods. This is one example of many of the innovative and unique perspectives she had to turn the Pest Control Industry on its head. Now, U.S. Pest Protection is the nation’s first bee friendly pest control company.

The Aspect of Educational Fun

Year after year Erica has taken the plight of our pollinators upon herself and tirelessly developed the festival from a small gathering to a large scale educational production. Guest speakers, Educational Activities, Honey Artisans and Cuisine all lend a hand to the various ways the Tennessee Honey Festival imparts the importance of Honeybees to event guests.

Erica’s creativity and passion for protecting our most precious pollinators is especially unique for using a variety of mediums to reach audiences of all ages. Even through careful selection of vendors at the festival, Erica maintains that the focus for all is the conservation and activism protecting honeybees. This project was born from a passion to care about the impact of these tiny pollinators and remains true to that vision today.

Encouraging the Conservation of Pollinators

While the mission may not have changed, the event itself has adapted and grown over the years. Erica has found ways to bring the excitement of conservation to audiences of all ages. Returning attractions like Williams Honey Farm’s “Mobile Bee Yard” are a consistent attraction annually, allowing guests of all ages to reach inside a hive and see the gentle bees hard at work.

Other Attractions From Who Created The Tennessee Honey Festival

Other attractions like the honey judging competition bring excitement with various types of local, and traveling honey vendors competing to take home the honey trophy every year. Artisans designing goods from Soaps to ornamental planters help demonstrate just how far a honeybee’s impact is on our everyday lives.

Are you interested in this year’s Tennessee Honey Festival? Join us at First Horizon Park in Nashville, TN on Sunday, October 3, 2021 and experience the amazing work of local beekeepers across Tennessee! Learn more about the Tennessee Honey Festival here!

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