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What is the Tennessee Honey Festival?

What is the Tennessee Honey Festival? – Every year, since 2017, in Middle Tennessee, there has been a Tennessee Honey Festival. This festival attracts people from all over the United States and they participate in various honey themed activities. There is live music, fresh food and people are always having a good time. So, what is the Tennessee Honey Festival?

What is the Tennessee Honey Festival About?

The Tennessee Honey Festival is an annual traveling festival created to celebrate the conservation of honeybees and bring the community together with honey, art, music, education, and inspiration. The purpose of the festival is to spread awareness about honeybees and how important they are to our environment. Honeybees are essential to the earth, and they help to pollinate the flowers and the food that we eat. Without the honeybees, the earth would be a much grayer and bleaker place to live.

Beekeepers & Honey Vendors

The festival invites local beekeepers to participate for free and present their brands to thousands of people. This helps support small business and independent honey farmers in Tennessee. The festival also invites inspiring artisans who offer all bee and honey related products. These unique vendors and other pollinator friendly attractions are what make the Tennessee Honey Festival one of a kind.

What Is The Tennessee Honey Festival?

TN Honey Festival Activities

There are variety of activities that festival goers can participate in. One of these activities includes getting to paint wooden beehive casings. These are then donated to beekeepers throughout the state to promote the housing of new hives and spread awareness. There are also informative classes to help educate the festival goers on the importance of honeybees and how to start their own beginner honeybee colonies. Every hour on the hour, beekeeping classes and seminars are held in a designated education facility at the festival.

What is the Tennessee Honey Festival Key Attraction

One of the key attractions to the festival is the live music. Every year the live music attracts large crowds and provides great entertainment. The music is a variety of genres so there is something for everyone! Being in Nashville music can always bring the community together

Lastly, it is a cooperative beginning between the beekeeping community and pest control industry to promote preservation and impact change. The goal is to protect what matters most, the honeybees. By educating the public in a fun and informative way we can help to increase the honeybee population here in the United States. This event is only possible by the hardworking people at U.S. Pest Protection and our other amazing corporate sponsors.

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