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Interactive Bee Experience

Interactive Bee Experience – We are excited to announce to the 2021 Tennesse Honey Festival, the return of the Williams Honey Farm Mobile-Bee-Yard Classroom.

The genius behind this amazing contraption, Jay Williams, of Williams Honey Farm in Franklin, TN, built this bee-friendly safe experience to help teach others the importance of bees. This experience provides a close encounter to honeybees without the worry of getting stung.

What exactly is the mobile bee yard classroom?

The mobile bee yard classroom is an outdoor classroom where the instructor wears a protective bee suit inside of a protective cage.

The netted cage provides the instructor the ability to showcase honeybees and their abilities, without putting any of the students in danger of getting stung.

The classroom has a bee box that is a host to several colonies of honeybees. The teacher then can take segments of these colonies and highlight them to the students. This is a visual experience that gives people the opportunity to know what really goes on in a beehive.

Interactive Bee Experience - Mobile-Bee-Classroom

Education behind the Interactive Bee Experience

The instructor also provides insight knowledge of how one can go about starting their own honeybee colony.

When they’re not giving mobile bee yard classroom lessons at Williams Honey Farm, they are teaching groups of people how to become beekeepers. They provide them all the equipment they will need to be successful beekeepers, and teach them the skills and knowledge of what an excellent beekeeper does. These classes help introduce more people to beekeeping and teach them why pollinators are so important for the earth.

When it comes to saving the honeybee, education is key. There are many fun, educational ways to learn about our local Tennessee pollinators and how you can make a difference.

Pollinators such as bees and butterflies feed other plants, which in turn, feed our crops, vegetables, fruits, and more. Bees and other pollinators are crucial to humanity.

Thanks to Williams Honey Farm we have the ability to share the importance of pollinators to thousands of people.

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