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Educational Fun at the Tennessee Honey Festival

Educational Fun – The Tennessee Honey Festival continues to grow year after year, but the mission remains the same: to raise awareness to the plight of the honeybee.

Through education & exposure, the Tennessee Honey Festival imparts knowledge to festivalgoers through a variety of learning opportunities. From hands on experience interacting with a beehive, to guest speakers, artisans, and artists the Tennessee Honey Festival has activities and education for all ages.

Educational Fun in the Education Tent

The education tent is one of the most popular attractions at the Tennessee Honey Festival, and one of the best places to hear from a variety of industry professionals from various backgrounds and their experiences interacting with Honeybees.

Guest speakers are an amazing way for audiences of all ages to ask questions and experience a variety of workshops aimed at informing guests on the many subjects surrounding honeybees.

The Education tent is sponsored by Cardinal Academy this year, and has a unique focus hosting the first ever Tennessee Honey Festival Spelling Bee, a Pollinator Themed spelling bee for Elementary and Middle Schoolers designed to inspire learning through exciting competition.

Educational Fun

Honey-Themed Vendors

From across the nation, vendors of the Tennessee Honey Festival bring exciting and unique goods to sell and distribute to festival-goers. These goods range from handmade beeswax soaps to unique bee-themed apparel, even locally grown honey from beekeepers around and beyond Middle Tennessee.

Tennessee Honey Festival Vendors are carefully selected to ensure that their goods are appropriate for the Honey Festival. With a staggering variety of useful products, and tasty treats, the vendors have been integral in communicating just how impressive and diverse using honey and honey by-products can be, and how they play a key role in the conservation and facilitation of honeybees in everyday use.

Educational Fun - Honey Vendor

The Mobile Bee Yard

Jay Williams of Williams Honey Farm in Franklin, TN has been with the TN Honey Festival since its inception. One of the biggest attractions every year is a unique experience Jay Williams created. Jay constructed a mobile bee yard, a one-of-a-kind experience aimed at a safe and hands on learning experience interacting with honeybees.

The mobile bee yard is an enclosed attraction that lets festival-goers reach inside an active hive and interact with honeybees in a hands-on capacity. One of the greatest parts of this experience is the chance to see just how docile and amazing these pollinating powerhouses can be.

Instead of the traditional fear of being stung by bees, guests of the Tennessee Honey Festival can take advantage of a safe and unique experience to truly understand firsthand how amazing honeybees can be.

Educational Fun - Mobile Bee Yard

Food Vendors

While most know the sweet taste of honey, the Tennessee Honey Festival has various food vendors that utilize local honey to promote their unique twists on a classic sweet.

From alcohol, to food, to pure honey, there are food options from all backgrounds that will leave Tennessee Honey Festival attendees licking their fingers wanting more.

Unique culinary perspectives are always a favorite of the honey festival, and vendors surprise guests year after year with exciting twists on Honey themed dishes and delights.

Educational Fun - Food Trucks

Come Experience Educational Fun at the TN Honey Festival

Interested in learning more about Honeybees and their impact on our everyday life? Come to the Tennessee Honey Festival October 3, 2021 at Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park and see what the buzz is about!

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