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2021 Spelling Bee

2021 Spelling Bee – The first annual Tennessee Honey Festival Spelling Bee, by Cardinal Academy, will be taking place this fall at the 2021 Tennessee Honey Festival event.

The festival will be taking place on Sunday, October 3rd, in Nashville, Tennessee at the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. The spelling bee welcomes all children, from grades 3 to 8, and their families.

Spelling Bee Contestants

Contestants, who get invited to participant in the event, will receive four free tickets into the festival. Note, there are only 30 spots available; 15 for middle school students and 15 for elementary schoolers. Top contestants of the event will have the opportunity to receive awards and prizes.

Post Spelling Bee Fun

Once the event is complete, contestants and their families are invited to roam around the festival. They can learn about our pollinators while experience various honey-themed, fun activities. The festival will also have a vast variety of food options in which everyone can explore and enjoy. Everyone from local honey farmers to local artisans will be attending the festival. While roaming around the festival, enjoy live music from top acts, Mo Pitney, Jeremy McComb, The Dryes, and Morgan Alexander.

Cardinal Academy

This event wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have our partner, Cardinal Academy. They are an established private school in Sumner County of the greater Nashville, Tennessee area. Their mission is to help aid children to be lifelong learners. We are proud to team up with such a fantastic institution to help put on this amazing event.

More Information

For more information about registering your child (grades 3 through 8) into the Spelling Bee, please visit:, or click the link option in our menu at Once there, it will provide all the information needed to complete the registration process for the 2021 Spelling Bee at the Tennessee Honey Festival.

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