experience The Tennessee Honey Festival – an unparalleled culinary adventure, seamlessly blending the charm of a farm-to-table dinner with the allure of artisanal honey.



Unifying communities through farming and beekeeping.   

From the bee pollinating the honeysuckle, to the tomatoes nestled in the middle of your table, the purpose of this grassroots Tennessee Honey Festival is to honor the natural connections between communities by presenting local food and resources. 

The Tennessee Honey Festival is cultivating awareness about Tennessee apiaries and farmers to help preserve and honor their important place within the community. You have the potential to engage in not just a lifestyle, but find freedom in the rediscovered art of homegrown living.


The Tennessee Honey Festival has transformed into an unparalleled culinary adventure, seamlessly blending the charm of a farm-to-table dinner with the allure of artisanal honey. embracing a new direction, the festival now offers an intimate dining experience amidst picturesque farm landscapes, where guests indulge in delectable honey-infused dishes crafted by local chefs. complementing this gastronomic journey is a pop-up boutique, showcasing an array of handcrafted honey products and artisanal goods. this intimate affair not only celebrates the golden nectar, but also fosters a deeper connection between attendees and the local honey-making community. in addition to these bespoke gatherings, the festival occasionally expands its reach with free, state-wide celebrations, inviting honey enthusiasts from all corners to revel in the sweetness of tennessee’s beekeeping traditions.


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We are cultivating awareness about local apiaries & local farmers and their kinship with pollinators, such as the Tennessee state insect – the honey bee. 

By bringing Tennessee beekeepers and farmers together, the TNHF creates relationships and stronger connections between apiaries, local farmers, and families. From our own farm & hive – to yours, let’s rediscover the sweetness of living off the land together.

The Tennessee Honey Festival would not exist without the support and presence of our beloved beekeepers, apiaries, honey vendors, farmers & producers, 

Are you a beekeeper, honey vendor, farmer, or producer? Contact us to find out how you can bee a part of the mission of the Tennessee Honey Festival. Get Involved Here.

Tennessee Honey Festival is managed by The Brister Freedom Foundation, Inc. If you are interested in supporting the event, or for additional information regarding sponsorships, partnerships, or being an event vendor or volunteer, please contact us here.